WAPMED TPA Service Company-Kuwait Since 2006.

WAPMED is the premier TPA in Kuwait.With over 13 years of experience in health care and medical insurance management, we are the answer for your search of a world class third party administrator (TPA). Offering wide-ranging domain expertise in medical claims insurance management, thereby enabling corporates or insurance companies to offload a lot of their work related to their employee's and members healthcare policies.

24/7 Operations

Operated by qualified and well experienced personnel in the field of health insurance TPA services.Our Call center services are available 24/7, responding immediately to all kind of inquiries from members and providers.

Our Mission

WAPMED mission is to administer health care procedures and medical insurance plans to make its access far reaching by blending technology with experience and expertise.

Add up A Significant advantages in the process:
Save Time, Effort And Money-the WAPMED Way.

Our medical expert team is trained and qualified to assess validity and necessity of each and every medical treatment, procedure and medication to evaluate and assure the right use of resources, time And expenses.
WAPMED offers a complete suite of healthcare services for clients of self-funded schemes for large organizations, as well to local, regional and international insurance companies.

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